Top 8 Best Pod Vape Systems (Vape Pens) Of 2020

Hello and welcome back to another exciting MIST roundup of top-quality vaping gear! Today we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best pod vape systems available.

A recent style of vape design, pod vape systems eschew big chunky mods and tanks to instead provide compact, discreet and pocket-friendly vaping devices which can be by your side whenever you need it.

Our Top 8 Best Pod Vape (Vape Pen) Systems Are Below:

Uwell Caliburn: (0:41)
SMOK RPM40: (1:18)
SMOK RPM80: (2:05)
SMOK RPM80 Pro: (2:32)
JUUL: (3:33)
Voopoo Drag S: (4:40)
Myst P1 Pod Starter Kit: (5:43)
Vaptio Airgo: (6:57)
SMOK Nord 2: (7:40)



  1. juul sucks. if you want a juul type..get the ovns w01. same shape and size. but has a great longlasting battery that uses your phone charger. its also low price. 10 bucks. refillable pods too

  2. Was about to order a smoke rpm2 till I saw the vinci. Now I'm stuck on which one to get.

    I just want a system that gives great flavour taste not worried about cloud production. Which one would you recommend for maximum flavour taste

  3. Beginner vaper for a heavy smoker. I'm doing research but not finding what I need, and know next to nothing on anything. I am a chain vaper at the moment as expected .. can anyone recommend me what to buy budget wise. I tried the smok nord 2 but I think I burnt the coil out in 2 days 😏 I need help!

  4. No use to have good specs when u keep having leakage all the time, and I find it almost intentional that most tubers ignore the leaking problem.
    Specially Smok, king of Leakage

  5. I use a juul. Now that I can't buy flavors, I've been refilling my own, which isn't ideal. I don't understand watts and ohms when it comes to this. What device would anyone recommend? I've been looking at the smok novo 2, or the smok nord?

  6. Lol these pod systems are big as a normal setup.. I only like the small ones like smok novo. I can throw it in any pocket, pull it out and take a few hits in seconds!
    It's amazing.
    Also: not too much vape!

    I don't want a display when the device works perfect like the nord.
    No need for vV or VW,..

    This is my Favorit pick to go outside and its easy like to light up a cigarette.

  7. Website doesn’t seem to be working? Found your videos today and went online to view and can’t seem to get it to load.

    Great videos thou! Learning a lot from the content and great delivery and easy to understand.

    Please review the freemax twister 80w 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Thanks for sharing this information with us you got a sub form me can you please recommend a good Daley MTL Pod sistem to use out and about morning to evening thanks again 👍

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