Top 10 Best Tobacco Flavoured Vape Juice For 2021 – Best Tobacco E Liquid

Hello one and all and welcome to another exciting MIST roundup, hot on the heels from our recent curation of the Best Vape Juice Brands for the year with our top 10 best tobacco vape juice for 2021.

Many people who have only recently quit smoking find that they have difficulty moving onto some of the sweet flavours that characterise vaping.

There are, however, many out there with an earnest desire to quit smoking and avoid tobacco who simply don’t have enough of a sweet tooth to puff on Lychee Lemonade all day. This is for them!

The Top 10 Best Tobacco Flavoured Vape Juice For 2021 are:

Doozy Vape Co. – Golden Elixir
MIST – Tobacco Original
Glas Vapor – Butterscotch Reserve
Nasty Juice – Bronze Blend
MIST – Gold & Silver
Element – NS Honey Roasted
MIST – Virginia
MIST MTL Short Fills – Carabaco
MIST – Tobacco Original Nic Salt