SMOK NOVO 2 Vape Pod Review!



  1. why is everyone in the comments on ALL of his videos always saying that he looks like he’s on drugs?? Can’t y’all just appreciate someone getting happy about the suff they love? there’s absolutely no reason to be mean

  2. So I mostly used puff bars and decided to switch and honestly have no idea what I’m doing and the person at the smoke shop highly suggested this so I got it, seeing you talk so positively about it reassured me I got the right thing and I actually had no idea the pods were different from each other, I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it, commenters, do y’all have any suggestions for other devices or anything?

  3. I use to have the renova zero and it hit pretty hard but it was so smooth you couldn’t tell but I lost it and got this and the hit are hot to me and gives a weird taste

  4. A quick question I hope someone replies
    How long does this last
    Like I have it but it’s taking too long to charge
    Does that mean it’s done
    It’s been used since a week or two
    But does this need anything other than charging

  5. Was that salt nic you vaped or can you vape any e liquids? I'm new to this vape stuff and my local vape shop is not well educated on these products so yeah not much help.

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