REFILLING CURALEAF PODS | vape your truclear/concentrate for cheaper | Florida Medical Marijuana ♡

TL;DR: you can easily fill up an empty vape cartridge from Curaleaf with thick concentrates, and vape them.
Or go to 3:03 to see the step-by-step screen. Or go to 4:17 to see a visual guide. OR WATCH THE WHOLE THING IF YOU LIKE HAVING FUN~

ABOUT THIS TUTORIAL: It’s not as messy as refilling a truPOD, and it costs $48 to buy an 80% THC cart from Curaleaf as opposed to the $94 truPOD. It’s $48 and a free battery, less than half the cost of a truPod and a truSTICK ($129). So you could get a trupod and truSTICK for $129, and you would have a g of oil plus the battery. OR you could spend 60 on truclear, 48 on a curaleaf cart and get a free battery. ($108 and you get a g of oil plus the half g that comes in the cartridge). So you get more concentrate for less that way!

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FYI I, personally am NOT hating at all on truPODS or truSTICKS (hi Trulieve, I still love you lol, this is for my homies that just don’t have $94. I’ll keep coming back to u, because I love you). I love them. But I see a lot of “I don’t have $94” in my comments section and I happened to figure out something, by random chance. It is just a lot easier and cheaper at its introductory cost is lower at $48 (plus the cost of the battery but mine was free with my first purchase!).