How Much does a Juul Cost

We record the cost of Juul ownership over a 30 day period. We set out to answer the question how much a juul is costing us to better understand the monthly and yearly cost of owning this device. Juul is making billions and we would like to know how we are contributing to their fortune. To stay consistent we make all of our purchases at one location so our juul costs don’t vary. While this is our cost of juul use over 30 days, everyone will have a different cost of ownership depending on where they buy, how much they consume, and where they live. Enjoy the video and come back in the next one to watch us reveal our results for how long a juul pod lasts over all the pods we consumed in this video.



  1. I smoked cigarettes for 15 years last August my mother passed suddenly from lung cancer directly related to her smoking cigs…i quit cigs picked up a juul and have been happy aince

  2. Juul starter pack for $50!?? What?? Does anyone know the state sells them for that much?? I live in North Carolina and a Juul starter pack here is $17.07 and the exact same for a 4 pack of pods. Big price difference but at the end of the day, they know we're gonna buy them 🙄

  3. The reason One juul pod = one pack of cigarettes nicotine is because the juul was made for smokers to quit and how many cigs do smokers that want to quit on average one pack

  4. This is why Juul is ass and I stick with Smok Vapes. They have better hit and the pods hold more milliliters. You can put any salt nic you want in the pods and the pods/coils are cheaper than Juul pods. Need I mention that Smok Vapes are better built. Overall, Juul is a big ripoff and idrk why people like Juuls so much when they straight rob you from your money🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

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