The Recent Crime at the Quincy

The Quincy New Brunswick is an old apartment complex that is located just a few blocks from the Raritan River. Currently, the complex is undergoing renovations due to the destruction that it has undergone over the many years as a result of crime. There was a pizza robbery which took place in the Quincy New Brunswick and a man is said to have been arrested in relation to the crime. The South Brunswick police stated that arrested by using the records on the cell phone site. The man was identified as Parysh Wood and police suspect that he may be the head of the gang that took part at the Pizza Robbery. It is believed that a pizza delivery man went to a residential building that is located within the Quincy circle. After the man was told that nobody had ordered the pizza, he turned back to go to his car. Three men then immediately approached him and said that the Pizza belonged to them. One f the gang members then took a gun and pointed it to the head of the pizza delivery man. They demanded that he gave them money and also stole his wallet before they flee away. Police said that the gangs flee using a dark colored minivan.

After getting cell information about the time and area of the robbery, Det. Ron seaman was able to arrest the gang leader. On October 7th, 2015, it was reported that a person was seriously injured in a shooting that took place at the New Brunswick apartments in the Quincy area. The police immediately started their investigations. After collecting some information, the police said that a man went into the Robert University Hospital some minutes after the incident and reported a gunshot wound. Although the wound was not life threatening, doctors managed to treat him as they called the police to intervene. Investigations are still underway to know the person who committed the crime. According to the police, the injured person was driven to the hospital by a Honda which was dark-colored. The suspect is also said to have been wearing a hoodie and ran towards the direction of Neilsen Street. A bullet casing was also found at the scene of the crime. The New Brunswick apartments have 206 unites and it belongs to a company that is based in North Quincy. The Quincy area is said to be a hotspot for crime for many years and the police and working hard to bring safety to the area.