Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion University Provides The Key To Building A Better Life



Rob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. His idea was to take the marketing concept to the next level. This level was a marketing strategy built around videos. Talk Fusion has taken the boring email marketing strategy and has made it fresh and new by using videos.


Talk Fusion’s mission is to help a business to become more competitive and grow, which in turn makes it more successful. They have associates established all over the world to help entrepreneurs build their brand. Talk Fusion offers a variety of video templates as well as customized templates. They also provide analytics that shows the response to the videos and their success in getting the intended response.


Reina did not stop there. To better educate his associates he created Talk Fusion University. This is not your typical university. Staying with the Talk Fusion style the courses are video based. The 30 videos take the associates through the process on how to open the door and expose others to the methods and products of Talk Fusion.


Not only are the students benefiting from the expertise that Renia has the offer as being one of the top professionals in his field, the university is provided to the associates free of charge. Reina has a simple reason for creating this program. He believes that everyone has a right to make themselves better. Though he can not guarantee the success of the associates who take the classes, he can, however, guarantee if they put in the work, they will have the tools needed to build a better future. Learn more: