Hussain Sajwani Takes Care of Business

When Hussain Sajwani was growing up in Dubai, his father made him work after school in the family business which was a retail variety store. They sold office supplies, Parker Pens, personal items, and general merchandise. Hussain told his father that he would never become a self-employed businessman because the hours were just too long. The thought that he would be better suited to the life as a professional with a degree, as the hours would be more reasonable.


Hussain did earn an engineering degree from the University of Washington in the United States and he landed a position as an engineer with an oil and gas company in Dubai. That career was not long in ending when he came across an opportunity and took advantage of it. He formed a catering company that provided the food for the United States Army during the Gulf Wars in Kuwait and Iraq, and the company did exceptionally well. The company is still in business.


When the UAE did away with the restrictions on foreign nationals immigrating to the country, Sajwani predicted that there would be a real estate boom and he was correct. In 2002 he formed DAMAC Properties, a real estate development company that would form the basis of his future fortune and the foundation of the Hussain Sajwani family legacy.


It became readily apparent that Sajwany was a master promoter and marketer, as he soon had the DAMAC brand all over the countryside. In fact, his first apartment project was sold completely out before the construction had even begun to get started. People soon began to appreciate the DAMAC owner and his attention to detail. They knew that he build a high end, a high-quality accommodation that was luxurious but at the same time practical and with excellent materials.


Sajwani also used very conservative business practices as he always pays cash for the land purchased for his projects. That is because it is impossible to foreclose on property that is owned outright. He also keeps a separate bank account and separate accounting for each property so there is no co-mingling of funds.


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The Difference Between Customers of Fabletics and Customers of Other Businesses

With most businesses, customers are given very little thought. They are also given very little interaction. The focus is on the products and in some cases, the services. The rest of the thoughts go towards the marketing of the products. When customers visit a business, they tend to buy a product with very little thought to the other aspects of the business. While many customers are happy enough with this set up, it does leave a lot for improvement. There are companies that are working on bringing about a different experience to the customers so that they will be encouraged to shop with the company more.


One such company is Fabletics, an aethleisure retailer. The company is run from the internet, and the business model is membership based. With the membership model and attention paid to the members, the company has built a tight knit community where people feel welcome. This community is filled with people who share similar mindsets. They get to share their experiences with the company and their favorite products. Unlike with other companies, Fabletics gives the customer a platform to express themselves. The best thing about this is that it gives influence over to the customer. Therefore, the customer will feel like he has a voice.


The greatest thing about this approach to marketing is that it presents to the customer something that is human. Many people are growing tired of the old disconnected approach to shopping. Instead, people are looking for some kind of connection, not just to a business, but to something that is significant and meaningful. Fabletics does more than just sell clothes. It also takes part in the fight to bring about solutions to different issues that people face. Given that Fabletics is an athleisure company, it is meant to inspire women to live healthier lives.


With Fabletics, customers are given the message that there is more to health than just being physically fit. There is a lot of importance placed on emotional and mental wellness. Another thing that customers are made to understand is that they could be connected. The right outfit can make a difference in how the customer feels about herself.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Shiraz Boghani And Beloved Trading Hotels

Shiraz Boghani is a big part of the large Splendid Hospitality Group team. That’s because he’s its tireless Chairman. Boghani is a spirited entrepreneur who has received positive acknowledgement for his accomplishments within the hospitality universe. He’s done a lot to advance hotels.

The Asian Business Awards in 2016 took note of Boghani’s plentiful achievements, too. It give him the desirable “Hotelier of the Year” distinction.

Boghani has a long history in the perpetually evolving hospitality realm. He, back in the nineties, was a revolutionary hotelier who began focusing on branded hotels that took the limited service approach.

He did so in locations all throughout London in England. He, since that time period, has been part of more than 25 similar efforts. This professional has a lot on his plate all of the time as Splendid Hospitality Group’s Chairman. He’s in charge of the expansion techniques that guide the company all of the time. He knows precisely what he wants out of the company’s future as well.

Splendid Hospitality Group is at the helm of 20 different trading hotels in total. One big example is the Hilton London Bankside. This hotel is equipped with an impressive 292 guestrooms. Other noteworthy examples are the Holiday Inn in Wembley and the Grand Hotel and Spa in York. The former hotel has more than 330 guestrooms.

Boghani is an executive who is constantly busy with his career. His illustrious and in-depth career isn’t at all the only thing that matters in his life, though. He believes in the incredible value of community. He, because of that, goes above and beyond to help his own.

He’s a big part of a number of volunteer and charity groups that accommodate his neighborhood. His dedication to the Ismaili Community is unwavering. It’s growing stronger and more intense all of the time as well. Boghani has been a part of the National Council, first and foremost. He’s been a National Conciliation and Arbitration Board Chairman, too.

Boghani works right next to a handful of other capable and admirable professionals. He works with Nadeem Boghani, the Vice Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. Nadeem established Splendid Restaurants in 2015. He, just like Shiraz, is also someone who cares about the welfare of the United Kingdom’s Ismaili Community.

Stuart Bailey is another Shiraz Boghani colleague. He’s the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He’s a masterful team player.

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Daniel Taub sees trade between Israeli an U.K double under his tenure

Daniel Taub is a former Israel ambassador who served in the United Kingdom. He is one of the best diplomats to have represented his country in a foreign country. Daniel Taub carried out his role a diplomat in the best way possible. He worked diligently to ensure that his country gained a lot from the partnership. Daniel Taub never disappointed in his role as a diplomat. He served his country in the best way possible. He worked very hard to see his country gain from the partnership. Daniel Taub dedication to work defined as one of the best shows that a diplomat has ever shown on behave of his country.



Daniel Taub had been appointed to the office of the ambassador following earlier accomplishments in works that he had been mandated by his country. He had served the country with diligence that was impressive. Daniel Taub is working as a diplomat representing his country in peace negotiation that his country had with Palestine. He was head of the delegation that was supposed to strike a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Daniel Taub worked very hard to see the peace agreement accomplished. At one time, together with his counterpart from Palestine, they traveled to the North Ireland to study how the country had dealt with the peace agreement that has been reached between the fighting countries in the region. They learn that for peace to be guaranteed, there was a need for the truth to be told. The countries here had decided to incorporate peace agreements part of the curriculum that would be taught in schools. This was supposed to let the future generations learn the truth. This would prevent future crises. Daniel Taub and his counterpart proposed the same measure to be adopted by the Israeli -Palestine agreement. This recommendation would be adopted and made part of the peace agreement.



Daniel Taub efforts in the accomplishment of peace in the region would pay when the peace agreement was ratified and a decagons reached that the two countries would observe peace. However, this would not last for long since Palestine receded ta decision to adopt the agreement two years later.



Daniel Taub has now retired from active diplomatic missions and now deals with a managing foundation that is based in Jerusalem. His term in office of the ambassador has been nothing but success. His accomplishment was huge. He served his country and his people in the best way that he could have managed.


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The Contribution of Louis Chenevert in UTC

Louis Chenevert was born in Canada. He attended the University of Montreal for his bachelor’s degree production management. He spent 14 years working in St. Therese as a production general manager. He also worked at General Motors Company as the CEO and also Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert worked for about than ten years at General Motors before joining United Technologies Corporation.

Louis Chenevert worked for Pratt and Whitney Business in Canada for six years until he was elected as the president in 1999. He served as president for another seven years before becoming the CEO and the President of the United Technologies Corporation. Under his tenure, he contributed to the impressive growth of the company and raised its annual revenue to close to $100 billion. Many of top executives have not yet achieved this target even in a single year.

While working in UTC, most of its commitment did not lie only in investment but also assisting people and advancing technology. Louis Chenevert had his mission to incorporate his skills and knowledge to improve the company and leave it better than he found it. He started Employee Scholar Program where he gave a chance to employees to further their studies across the world. More than 40 000 UTC employees attained various degrees thanks to the program. Louis Chenevert left the company in 2014 when he resigned as Chairman and CEO and was replaced by Edward Kangas who was part of the director.

Louis Chenevert from 2011 and 2012 serve as the vice chairman of Executive Committee of Business Council. In September 2015, he assumed the position of the Exclusive Advisor in Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenevert mainly targeted opportunities such as industrial and aerospace areas. He also took part in advising the company on various business opportunities. In 2009, he received an honor award from the National Building Museum as recognition of his hard work and commitment. He furthered his studies and earned a doctorate from HEC Montreal, an affiliate college of the University of Montreal. Louis Chenevert was named the Person of the year in 2012 by Aviation Space and Week Technology, US aviation trade magazine.

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Catering And Real Estate Form The Basis Of The Work Of Hussain Sajwani

The catering and real estate billionaire, Hussain Sajwani has recently jumped to the attention of the public because of his friendship and business relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. Taking a novel and innovative approach to the real estate markets have paid high dividends for Hussain Sajwani as he has survived the bursting of the Dubai-based real estate bubble in 2008 and gone on to develop one of the most successful real estate development companies in the world. Discussing the change in business focus from catering to real estate, the DAMAC Properties founder once stated he had the chance to make millions as a catering specialist but could create a personal wealth of billions in real estate; Forbes now rates the Hussain Sajwani family as worth an estimated $5 billion.


Hussain Sajwani has remained one of the most prominent members of the United Arab Emirates real estate community after identifying the region as one of major growth in the early years of the 21st-century. Not always a developer of luxury properties, the Damac owner began life as a catering specialist responsible for supplying food services to the oil and gas industries across the Middle East; the company founded by Hussain Sajwani eventually expanded across the globe and became the major catering services provider for the U.S. military which provided the funds used for the initial move into mid-market hotels in the Middle East opened in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union.


Not only is Hussain Sajwani one of the most impressive real estate moguls in Dubai he has also expanded his role to include that of a business partner to U.S. President Donald Trump. To ensure his business success remains intact for the future, Hussain Sajwani attempts to maintain his role as a luxury real estate developer the Abu Dhabi born financial specialist maintains three specific rules for running his business. Each piece of land used for a development is purchased outright at the start of the development and must have its own financial backing to allow every development to remain independent; thirdly, cash reserves must be kept at all times in a bid to halt any funding problems for Hussain Sajwani to be affected by.


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How Fabletics Cares For Their Customers

Fabletics is a new force that is emerging in the fashion and clothing industry. It is taking Amazon on with a storm. Fabletics uses a system where customers sign up to receive clothing on a subscription basis. The truth is that although high-quality brands were once defined by low prices and quality products, people want a lot more than that these days. This is because there are so many cheap products online. People want a company that is more than just offering products and shipping. They want a company that offers a rewarding customer experience and one that offers last mile service.


Fabletics does other stuff that nobody else does. For example, they have a reverse showroom engineering technique. Showrooming refers to when customers will try out a piece of clothing in a store but without plans to actually buy it from the store but to find a cheaper one online. However, Fabletics owns both online and regular stores. This way, they can let people come into the store, try on clothing, and if they are unsure whether or not they want to buy it, they can buy it later online. In fact, it gets automatically added to the customer’s online shopping cart.


There is more to it than that. The fact is that many of the customers who enter the stores, around thirty percent to be exact, are already Fabletics subscribers. Another twenty five percent of people become subscribers when they enter the store. Fabletics does not care whether their customers buy the product in the store or later on, because they just want their customers to be happy.


Fabletics can also use this to their advantage and get better data about their customers. For example, they can find out what people in a certain area are interested in. If people in a certain location are buying a certain thing online, Fabletics will make sure that the store is stocked with those items.


Kate Hudson, the star of Almost Famous, has now brought Fabletics to greatness. She is a well known marketing genius, in addition to her acting capabilities. She strongly supports Fabletics and is known to recommend their products. She has helped them create a customer support strategy that makes their customers come back again and again. That is why Fabletics has a top rating with the BBB. It is highly advised to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.

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Orange Coast College Opens a Revolutionary Recycling Center

Orange Coast College (OCC) is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Orange County as well as across America. The institution is known for its modernistic infrastructure and its up-to-date technology; the college affirmed this when it launched a new recycling center on August 21, 2017. The new facility has been under construction for over 15 months although the planning phase took over ten years. The facility was a costly undertaking, but support from Associated Students of Orange Coast College (ASOCC), Measure M, and CR&R amounting to $8 million made the facility reach completion promptly. Learn more:

The recycling center apart from its notably big size has other improvements. It is fitted with showers for workers to refresh themselves after work. Also, the facility has a huge parking space accommodating over 45 cars. In addition, the facility will be able to handle a variety of recyclable materials including plastic, paper, and used grease; an improvement from the old recycling center which was capable of recycling a limited number of materials. The facility acquires recyclable materials at different prices, for instance, cans are bought for $0.05 or $0.10 depending on the weight of the can.

Mike Carey, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator at OCC, stated that he had noticed a 25% increase in the number visitors in the center. The number will soon increase if plans by OCC to embark on an aggressive awareness campaign, about the facility, materialize. Also, Carey said that the facility was not only meant to increase revenues for students’ projects but also be part of the college’s goal of environmental conservation.

The facility is working with other like-minded facilities to achieve its goal. Once the recyclables are sorted, they are taken to facilities in different parts of the country; Aluminum cans are shipped to Irwindale, glass is transported to Los Angeles, and plastic is taken to Perris. The recyclables are transformed into new materials in their different destinations.

OCC is passionate about providing the best learning environment for its learners. Along with the opening of the new recycling facility, the college commissioned new classrooms. OCC is on a path to being the best community college in the country. Learn more:


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A Giant In The Financial World – Madison Street Capital

As investment baking becomes more prominent in the world of finance and business, large corporations compete for enormous deals. These include multi-million dollar engagements in consulting, advising, tax, and many more. A company that has developed quite a reputation within the field is Madison Street Capital.


Headquartered in Chicago, MSC has worked with dozens of clients that made some enormous moves in the market. These include, but are not limited to, aiding a merge between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group, coordinating ARES Security Corporation, and advising WLR Automotive Group and HeartSync. Furthermore, the company has won multiple awards and honors due to their reliability, hard-working staff members, and a proven track record of success.


Facilitating A Giant Merge

As mentioned, MSC played a very important role in one of the biggest merging endeavors as of lately. They were the only financial adviser of the leading brand in software analytics, DCG. During the merge with a consulting company Spitfire, MSC provided service that received high praise by some of the DCG leaders.


Quality Advising

Consulting is one of the most important services that MSC provides. A project that they received recognition for was helping ARES Security Corporation make a hefty debt investment. This security risk management firm used the specialties that MSC has to offer, and its President Ben Eazzetta complimented the services provided.

Another advising deal that enriched company’s portfolio was helping WLR Automotive Group complete a $13.2 million sale and lease transaction. The CEO of WLR, a car service firm that has grown substantially since its forming in 1987, acknowledged MSC as a highly efficient and effective company.


Awards and Honors

Since it has been around for the past 12 years, MSC has won some of the highest-recognition awards that an investment banking firm can win. They were selected as a recipient for Advisor, Restructuring, and Industrial Deal of the Year, as well as many more ( Besides Chicago, they hold offices in Oregon, Ghana, and even India. Their presence in many industries is well-known, and they have worked with companies from Technology, Healthcare, Aerospace, Oil, and a dozen more sectors of the market.



Madison Street Capital reputation continues to grow with high speed. Currently located in 3 different continents, they are able to work in very different markets and financial laws. This qualifies them as one of the most versatile companies in the business!

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The Philanthropist: Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is truly a man of character. He has dedicated his career to helping and informing the Jewish community. Adam Milstein is a native of Israel and an Israeli-Jew. Viewed as a leader amongst those who are familiar with him, Adam is part of countless organizations that work to aid the people. He has become a big investor to these organizations. He also works side by side with them for a greater good. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in entrepreneurship, Adam Milstein makes the perfect candidate to go to for advice regarding funding and finances. Investing consistently in many organizations, Adam Milstein is an economic thinker. He is the chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. He is also a board member of many other organizations as well. Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila Milstein, are the co-founder and president of their very own foundation known as the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. Their foundation provides numerous young students and future professionals with a deeper insight and knowledge about their Jewish heritage. The foundation focuses on empowering them to embrace their Jewish identities. With the proper training, Adam has hope that these young students will take what they’ve learned from his foundation and teach others what they know. Thus, creating a role effect of increased confidence and knowledge-of-self.

Adam had began his career as a real estate broker. Soon, he took it up a notch and became a real estate investor. Now, he invests in so many foundations, providing them the means necessary to continue aiding the people. Just a few of the many organizations Adam Milstein is a part of include, The Jewish Funders Network, Israel on Campus Coalition: Stand With Us, and the Hasbara Fellowships. Adam is the co-founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America. An organization that teaches over 10,000 Israeli-Jewish American families by providing them with free books each month written in the Hebrew language. Adam Milstein is dedicated and committed to this cause. To add to his long list of partnerships, Adam is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. An individual real estate investment firm. Adam Milstein is known for much more than just being a real estate investor. He is known for the cause he fights and stands so proudly for. Adam Milstein is the gift that’s always giving. Such a gift as this, makes him truly triumphant.



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