Jeremy L. Goldstein and the LRIS’s Online Portal: Changing the Face of Legal Processes in New York

The New York State Bar Association has proven time and again that it’s dedicated to improving the welfare of lawyers in New York, as well as to improving the lives of New Yorkers in general. Through its LRIS, the organization relieved New Yorkers the burden of sourcing for legal services, while at the same time assisting lawyers to grow their legal practice. The bar association has over 70,000 lawyers practicing under it.



The Online Portal


LRIS, in collaboration with, designed an online portal where New Yorkers in need of lawyers can log into and get assisted. is a tech company that operates within the legal industry.


The New York State Bar Association’s President Claire P. Gutekunst believes that the pressure that leads one to seek legal services is too much. He is therefore of the opinion that such a person should not be subjected to more pressure of getting the right lawyer to handle his/her case. He took pride in the launch of the online portal saying that the association had successfully created a low-pressure region for lawyer seekers. He also gave the assurance that lawyers practicing under LRIS are qualified and competent enough.


Gutekunst’s sentiments were also echoed by Tony Lai, CEO of, who added that legal services in New York would not only become conveniently sourced but also relatively cheaper. The consultation fee for the service is $35 only for the first half an hour.


Jeremy L. Goldstein


Jeremy L. Goldstein is one of the most experienced and respected legal practitioners in America. A partner with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC for the last three years, Mr. Goldstein has led the firm in conquering the legal space in New York.


Jeremy qualified as a lawyer after graduating from the New York University School of Law. Prior to that, he had completed his M.A and B.A in history from the University of Chicago and the Cornel University respectively. Jeremy has also practiced law under Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

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