Jeremy Goldstein, Using Law to Redefine Cooperates Standoffs

Major Corporates in the modern world are often faced with a challenge of creating an ideal economic environment, which is sustainable at a long run. Due to an uncertainty of the financial world, all the efforts to develop a sustainable economic environment only act as a recipe for endless court proceedings. According to a law pundit, Jeremy Goldstein, the court proceedings are not viable, and solutions offered by courts are not favorable to both parties. This valuable opinion is from his experience of working with the most significant firms such as Bank of America, Verizon, and Goldman Sachs. From his legal interactions with these corporates, he believes that both the companies and the employees should find common ground. Earnings per Share according to Jeremy Goldstein are the best solution to the quest of achieving sustainability.

EPS, from the employee’s perspective is an excellent move to redefine work incentives. It means more pay. In the stock market, the company’s shares considered worth investing on if the company pays EPS. When EPS are paid as incentives to an employee over a long time, the company is projected to grow according to study. However, it is worth noting that the survey is purely hypothetical and the reality is these factors are controlled by the financial trends such as demand and supply as well as speculations.

Although EPS look likes the long-term solution to the company’s and employees legal standoffs, the EPS are trickling bomb. This opinion is according to a different school of thought. They argue that this compromises the companies head regarding accountabilities due to increase in their power. Others view ESP as short-term oriented way to make profits. The people of this opinion believe that it is not sustainable over an prolonged period.

Fortunately, according to Jeremy Goldstein, the two diverse opinions can be consolidated to one neutral legal position. He is the view of not abandoning the pay per performance because it has a human face but strengthening it. The best way to enhance it is by extending responsibilities to the higher managerial class such as CEOs. He is an accomplished lawyer with diverse legal experience. In his prosperous career through his law firm has presented various companies in legal proceedings. In the recent past, he has been featured in Law journals such as Legal 500 as one of the best corporate lawyers in the USA specializing in Business Law. Learn more: