Hussein Sajwani: A Devoted Eye for Business and Product Position

In business, product positioning leads the way. That is why well-to-do brands rank high in sales and client base. As one of the leading strategies for management, product positioning defines the success of a business. It helps the enterprise to determine and exploit various opportunities in the market niche. Networking is as important as brand position. The strategy plays an instrumental role in selling a product. The two strategies come in handy when a business is especially new to the industry. DAMAC Group is just one company that has succeeded by using these policies. Hussain Sajwani family owns the business. It was the establishment in 2002, and it has since garnered millions regarding revenue.


Hussain’s Profile


Hussain Sajwani is a serial entrepreneur based in the United Arab Emirates. He first started his business when the state allowed natives to purchase land without restrictions. Hussain Sajwani thought it wise to establish property investment as the primary source of income. That marked the birth of DAMAC Group. However, before that, the DAMAC owner owned a catering company that served high-profile clients across the Middle East. That company supported the less fortunate by providing free food to people who lived in shelters. DAMAC Group is also prominent for initiating high-quality property for clients.


Damac’s Profile


At DAMAC Group, Hussain Sajwani is the head cheerleader and chairman. He handles critical decision making and seats on the board. Aside from that, he is equipped with leadership skills and has been manning his team throughout the business year. Hussain Sajwani understands the value of networking in business. That is why he worked hard to get closer to Donald Trump through the Trump Golf Course that was designed by Tiger Woods. It is through rubbing shoulders with such personalities that Hussain has managed to grow DAMAC Group.




Hussain has been chairing giving charity and community development. He is prominent for donating millions to institutions and charity initiatives. His philanthropic projects saw him give over one million in clothes and food for the poor. Perhaps, this is one of one aspect that defines his willingness to change the world.


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