Doe Deere Is Redefining the World of Beauty

The gorgeous Doe Deere is redefining the world of fashion and beauty. She is the founder as well as the chief executive officer of Lime Crime. To Doe Deere, cosmetics are no longer used to conceal imperfections and flaws. Instead, the two are used to define style as well as personality. Moreover, makeup is a new playing ground that calls for experiment and creative minds. And who is better placed to offer tutorials on the right makeup than the fantastic Doe Deere?


Background Data


Doe Deere was born in Russia. In college, she majored in fashion and design. Consequently, she became a model and fashion mogul. Also working as a makeup artist, she has a column for blogs on makeup, its different applications, and people’s preferences. Currently, Deere resides in New York. On her blog, she provides educative tutorials on style and inspiration.




Doe Deere loves bright colors. She has always been spotted wearing such colors in not only events but work-related interviews. Because she loves fashion and makeup as well, she founded Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics is a makeup based company. The company supplies makeup lovers with tons of makeup including lipstick, foundation, eyeliner and many more.




Being one of the significant entrepreneurs who founded a cosmetics brand online in 2008, Doe Deere paved the way for many entrepreneurs who were interested in the field of fashion and design. Currently, she is a trendsetter across many cities with Los Angeles and California topping the list. As the head cheerleader of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere commits time and talent to providing some of the best brands. She also creates bold and colorful makeup brands coupled with natural ingredients.


Building Women’s Self Esteem


When discussing beauty in women, self-esteem becomes a critical aspect. Doe Deere is big on self-esteem issues. In her tutorials, she teaches women to love and appreciate themselves with all their imperfections. In fact, she advises women to embrace their flaws. Deere is a staunch believer in using natural –based makeup. She encourages women to apply friendly makeup because different people have different reactions to makeup.


Makeup Tutorials


In her world of beauty, Doe Deere believes that beauty can be redefined by using style and personality. Asked how she started her makeup journey, Doe Deere says that she began by designing her clothes. From there, she ventured into creating an independent clothing line. Seeing that she was capable of producing a new clothing line, Doe Deere ventured into a makeup line, a story she now says has successful by all means. To complement her outfit, Doe Deere modeled her clothes and launched a website.


Additional Information


Just as life would dictate for most people, a role model comes in handy. Doe Deere is a role model to many fashion fanatics and aspirants. She uses her talent to educate women on the basics of makeup and its use in building their self-esteem. To Doe, every dream is achievable, and her career is attributed to her persistence and resilience. For those who aspire to pursue their career in makeup, fashion or design, Doe Deere has set the recommended trend.

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