Samuel Strauch Loves Meditating And The Business He Created

In 2002, Samuel Strauch started his own company, Metrik Real Estate, that is continuing to grow today because of the smarts he has in dealing with South Florida and the Latin American community and all that is going on there.

Samuel Strauch went to school at Hofstra University, where he received a degree in international business, as well as Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he studied international finance and marketing, and Harvard University where he brought his focus back to business. Then, he moved to Southern Florida where his family was involved in real estate.

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One of the hobbies that this man has is meditation and it helps him to be good in business. One of the things that Samuel Strauch says helps him start his business was the “wave of” real estate developments that he saw. He knew that if he put many clients together from across the globe he would be able to start a successful business. Samuel Strauch says that he is forward thinking and that is one of the reasons why he has success. He says that he reminds himself to be grateful every day and that that helps him in his career. He works hard to build a good reputation for his company and to develop trusting relationships with his employees.

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