Michael Lacey as a star in Mathematics

The field of mathematics has been and will always be very crucial in solving every day’s problems in life. When it comes to the health sector, agricultural sector, financial sector and all other sectors in the world, mathematics is always a necessity. Well, there are those special people who have always dedicated and committed themselves to solving various mathematical problems In life even the most complex ones that seem to trouble people for a long period. Michael Lacey is one of these special people who is most appreciated in the society because of their expertise in the field of Mathematics.

Michael Lacey was born in the United States. Since his childhood, he always had a great interest in mathematics. After completing his high school, he went to the University of Texas where he attained his undergraduate degree in mathematics. Well, this was not the stopping point for Michael Lacey, he put more efforts and went ahead to study for his post-graduate degree at The University of Illinois where he attained a Ph.D. in mathematics.

During his career, Michael Lacey has managed to make a significant number of achievements that have made him a hero in the field of mathematics. During his thesis which focused on Banach spaces, under the guidance of his supervisor, he managed to solve a very complex mathematical problem about Iterated Logarithm. This was just one of his starting points for his achievements.

Due to his reputation, he managed to work in some large educational institutions. He worked at the University of North Carolina where he did extensive research, and he was able to proof the Central limit theorem. As a result of this reputation, he got a golden opportunity when he was working at Indiana University, and he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship. During this time, he did more research and studies, and he was able to solve the Bilinear Hilbert Transform.

Apart from being a great mathematician, Michael Lacey was the founder of the Phoenix New Times newspaper together with his partner Jim Larkin. This newspaper together with its website has today become a must read to the highest number of the population especially in the United States. He has a large number of achievements which has made him a great hero in the society.

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