Jed McCaleb Wants to Change the World With This Platform

In an effort to improve the conditions affecting humanity by implementing increased efficiency through and through, Jed McCaleb has been committed to creating online platforms that will reach the masses. Throughout his career, he has created a number of highly influential networks and platforms, namely eDonkey and Mt. Gox, that have pushed the envelope in regards to the way we use the internet. As he continues to develop his latest venture, “Stellar” a financial network that aims to connect banking institutions to the unbanked populace of the world, he decided to participate in a Q & A session in order to answer questions about his daily processes, as well as a future technology that has him excited, as well as terrified.

Realizing that time is his most valuable commodity, Jed McCaleb, early in his career decided that he need to find a way to ensure that his time and efforts could be maximized. Over time, he began to cut his workday into two separate modes – focused and reactive. By doing so, he is able to handle the aspects of his company that concern building the actual product while in focus mode, while handling the business and networking aspects of the company while in reactive mode. It is this, along with his ability to strategize, while keeping his eye on his vision as a whole, that has allowed him to remain successful over the years. His ability to cut out the things he feels are not necessities, have helped to keep him on par with his own goals, while also implementing new tech that affects the entirety of the world.

When not focusing on Stellar, and the myriad of other ventures that he is actively involved in, Jed McCaleb spends his time contributing, both as a donor and advisor, to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. The Machine Intelligence Research Institute is geared at developing tools to handle the growing technology, artificial intelligence. While the prospects surrounding this controversial new form of tech are both exciting and frightening, he believes that the impact it will have on the world over the next twenty years will be akin to what was seen during the agricultural revolution.

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