Daniel Taub sees trade between Israeli an U.K double under his tenure

Daniel Taub is a former Israel ambassador who served in the United Kingdom. He is one of the best diplomats to have represented his country in a foreign country. Daniel Taub carried out his role a diplomat in the best way possible. He worked diligently to ensure that his country gained a lot from the partnership. Daniel Taub never disappointed in his role as a diplomat. He served his country in the best way possible. He worked very hard to see his country gain from the partnership. Daniel Taub dedication to work defined as one of the best shows that a diplomat has ever shown on behave of his country.



Daniel Taub had been appointed to the office of the ambassador following earlier accomplishments in works that he had been mandated by his country. He had served the country with diligence that was impressive. Daniel Taub is working as a diplomat representing his country in peace negotiation that his country had with Palestine. He was head of the delegation that was supposed to strike a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Daniel Taub worked very hard to see the peace agreement accomplished. At one time, together with his counterpart from Palestine, they traveled to the North Ireland to study how the country had dealt with the peace agreement that has been reached between the fighting countries in the region. They learn that for peace to be guaranteed, there was a need for the truth to be told. The countries here had decided to incorporate peace agreements part of the curriculum that would be taught in schools. This was supposed to let the future generations learn the truth. This would prevent future crises. Daniel Taub and his counterpart proposed the same measure to be adopted by the Israeli -Palestine agreement. This recommendation would be adopted and made part of the peace agreement.



Daniel Taub efforts in the accomplishment of peace in the region would pay when the peace agreement was ratified and a decagons reached that the two countries would observe peace. However, this would not last for long since Palestine receded ta decision to adopt the agreement two years later.



Daniel Taub has now retired from active diplomatic missions and now deals with a managing foundation that is based in Jerusalem. His term in office of the ambassador has been nothing but success. His accomplishment was huge. He served his country and his people in the best way that he could have managed.


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