Orange Coast College Opens a Revolutionary Recycling Center

Orange Coast College (OCC) is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Orange County as well as across America. The institution is known for its modernistic infrastructure and its up-to-date technology; the college affirmed this when it launched a new recycling center on August 21, 2017. The new facility has been under construction for over 15 months although the planning phase took over ten years. The facility was a costly undertaking, but support from Associated Students of Orange Coast College (ASOCC), Measure M, and CR&R amounting to $8 million made the facility reach completion promptly. Learn more:

The recycling center apart from its notably big size has other improvements. It is fitted with showers for workers to refresh themselves after work. Also, the facility has a huge parking space accommodating over 45 cars. In addition, the facility will be able to handle a variety of recyclable materials including plastic, paper, and used grease; an improvement from the old recycling center which was capable of recycling a limited number of materials. The facility acquires recyclable materials at different prices, for instance, cans are bought for $0.05 or $0.10 depending on the weight of the can.

Mike Carey, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator at OCC, stated that he had noticed a 25% increase in the number visitors in the center. The number will soon increase if plans by OCC to embark on an aggressive awareness campaign, about the facility, materialize. Also, Carey said that the facility was not only meant to increase revenues for students’ projects but also be part of the college’s goal of environmental conservation.

The facility is working with other like-minded facilities to achieve its goal. Once the recyclables are sorted, they are taken to facilities in different parts of the country; Aluminum cans are shipped to Irwindale, glass is transported to Los Angeles, and plastic is taken to Perris. The recyclables are transformed into new materials in their different destinations.

OCC is passionate about providing the best learning environment for its learners. Along with the opening of the new recycling facility, the college commissioned new classrooms. OCC is on a path to being the best community college in the country. Learn more:


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A Giant In The Financial World – Madison Street Capital

As investment baking becomes more prominent in the world of finance and business, large corporations compete for enormous deals. These include multi-million dollar engagements in consulting, advising, tax, and many more. A company that has developed quite a reputation within the field is Madison Street Capital.


Headquartered in Chicago, MSC has worked with dozens of clients that made some enormous moves in the market. These include, but are not limited to, aiding a merge between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group, coordinating ARES Security Corporation, and advising WLR Automotive Group and HeartSync. Furthermore, the company has won multiple awards and honors due to their reliability, hard-working staff members, and a proven track record of success.


Facilitating A Giant Merge

As mentioned, MSC played a very important role in one of the biggest merging endeavors as of lately. They were the only financial adviser of the leading brand in software analytics, DCG. During the merge with a consulting company Spitfire, MSC provided service that received high praise by some of the DCG leaders.


Quality Advising

Consulting is one of the most important services that MSC provides. A project that they received recognition for was helping ARES Security Corporation make a hefty debt investment. This security risk management firm used the specialties that MSC has to offer, and its President Ben Eazzetta complimented the services provided.

Another advising deal that enriched company’s portfolio was helping WLR Automotive Group complete a $13.2 million sale and lease transaction. The CEO of WLR, a car service firm that has grown substantially since its forming in 1987, acknowledged MSC as a highly efficient and effective company.


Awards and Honors

Since it has been around for the past 12 years, MSC has won some of the highest-recognition awards that an investment banking firm can win. They were selected as a recipient for Advisor, Restructuring, and Industrial Deal of the Year, as well as many more ( Besides Chicago, they hold offices in Oregon, Ghana, and even India. Their presence in many industries is well-known, and they have worked with companies from Technology, Healthcare, Aerospace, Oil, and a dozen more sectors of the market.



Madison Street Capital reputation continues to grow with high speed. Currently located in 3 different continents, they are able to work in very different markets and financial laws. This qualifies them as one of the most versatile companies in the business!

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